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Wednesday 06 February 2019


Four-fruit trays are becoming increasingly common. For example, persimmons are often packed this way, and since a while, new proposal are coming forward with peaches and nectarines of high quality, like premium line.

"The limit of such packs lies in the fact that the lid should be applied by hand. The packaging companies, large and small, have pointed out this limitation so that, tickled by this challenge, we started designing this machine, coming to a reliable and innovative solution " explains Nicola Antonacci from Zetapack.

It consists of a niche sector and Zetapack specializes in this segment of innovation. "We wanted to make all the workflows faster," adds Antonacci, "and we succeeded: the lidding machine works very well and in the last few months Agrintesa has widely tested it for the four-fruit trays with excellent results".

In fact, it is not easy to close trays by hand , while the Zetapack machine is very precise. It can be combined with any grading machine that ends with four-fruit package, and not only with Zetapack grading machines for delicate fruits. "As always, we have focused on the ease of design. It is a reliable machine and there have been no problems during all the months of use".

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