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Thursday 11 June 2020

From Fresh Plaza, A very precise grader for fruit and vegetables

Improving work quality, reducing product waste and ensuring amortization of the investment cost in a few months. How? The solution is the Zetapack grader/weigher, which allows you to select both vegetables and fruit in an ultra gentle way, guaranteeing an increase of at least 40% in production.

The manual loading and the shape of the rotary machine eliminate potentially harmful passages, which might decrease the shelf life of the vegetables. In addition, thanks to the use of cameras, the grader allows you to select not only the weight but also the size and color of the processed products.

"The software - say Nicola Antonacci and Francesca Assirelli - allows you to set combinations of weight and color which, within a range pre-established by the operator, optimizes and automates the packaging process. Thanks to the flexibility and precision of the Zetapack machines, its customers managed to minimize the discard of the guaranteed minimum weight products, obtaining a maximum waste of 10 grams per package".

A grader designed in this way is in use at the Fellini Patrizio company, and with good results according to the owners. The control through PLC and the connection to the customer's IT systems allow to import and evaluate all the data processed by the machine. The remote connection guarantees a quick and efficient assistance in the post-sales phase, ensuring constant support by Zetapack to its customers.

"The solution offered by Zetapack - Antonacci concludes - satisfies the needs of customers who are looking for a very compact grader, which does not take too much space in the warehouse but which, at the same time, performs the function of a proper weigher.

The customization of the machines and their dual use both as a calibrator and a weigher constitutes a revolution in the world of automation in the fruit and vegetable sector".

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