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Friday 19 October 2018


Spanish operators are extremely satisfied with Zetapack grading machine. It is suitable both for delicate and ripe fruits. This machine was installed at Frutas Pisón company in Northern Spain. Now, it is working at full speed with the Conference Pear variety.

Nicola Antonacci from Zetapack stated, “The owners are very satisfied with how the grading machine has improved their work. It has increased the efficiency, especially regarding the hourly performance. Before, the process was totally manual. Today, thanks to our machine, the identification of the different sizes and weights is carried out automatically. The operators just have to take the fruit, identified thanks to a LED light”.

The truly innovative aspects of Zetapack are the loading process, the selection through a camera and a software, the LED tracking light and the unloading process. Both the loading and unloading process are done manually. According to the customers’ demands, the grading machine can divide fruits by weight, size and color thanks to the software. Each station corresponds to a kind of calibration. Here, the operator realizes he has to pick up the fruit because of the LED light that signals it.

The grader can be used for other fruits as well, such as: persimmons, mangoes, avocados, cherimoyas and flat peaches.

“We want to bring the consumers as close as possible to good fruit, in terms of organoleptic properties. In order to do this, we must harvest it at the latest ripening stage possible. Thanks to our grader, fruits can be harvested when they are riper than in the past, because the loading and unloading process are carried out by hand, whereas the computerized system selects on the basis of the set parameters” specified Antonacci.

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