Grading machines for ultra delicate products

Softlight Gamma is the production line of grading patented machines with one, two or three lines for a selection by weight, diameter and color of Ultra delicate products such as: Nashi, Persimmons, Pears, Apples, Grapes, Plums, Courgettes, Tomatoes, Aubergines, ect.

Extremely simple, precise, reliable, compact and modular according to requirements.

Softlight Gamma

The right model for every need:

Softlight C1/8

One-line grading machine with 8 outputs

For the selection of ultra-delicate fruits and vegetables; composed of one line, a product loading area (2 workstations) and an unloading area (up to 8 workstations).

Softlight C2/10

• Two-line grading machine with 10 outputs

For the selection of ultra-delicate fruits and vegetables; composed of two lines, a product loading area (from 2 to 6 workstations) and an unloading area (up to 10 workstations).

Softlight C3/PLUS

• Three-line grading machine with variable number of outputs

For the selection of products such as grapes and cherry tomatoes; composed of three lines for a high production, a product loading area (from 1 to 10 workstations) and a variable unloading area according to needs.

Softlight cups

For each product the right model

Data sheet

the strengths of our grading machines

Fruits speed from 2 to 4 cups per second for each line.
Reduced power consumption, 400 V 50 / 60hz power supply (5 phases).
It does not need compressed air.

Technical Characteristics

  • Structure in modular aluminum profiles and protection systems in painted steel at high-strength, fruit bearing detection system
  • Cups with particular structure for a high precision weight detection
  • Visual LED system for product collection signaling
  • Engine driven by inverter for an easy adjustment of the speed of the grading machine
  • Industrial PC with touch screen interface
  • Remote control software
  • Support counters full boxes for the unloading / loading area
  • Electrical panel for general plant management
  • Electrical panel dedicated electronic management


  • Conveyor belt for full packaging with empty lectern
  • Frame for containing empty packaging
  • Collector belt output full boxes
  • Management software
  • Rollers collection boxes

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