Who we are

Before being a company, we are people

We provide our experience and our maximum commitment to give simple and effective solutions.

We are people who attach importance to EXPERIENCE.


Ours: since 1987 we have entered the horticultural sector where we have received many satisfactions: first as employees, then as entrepreneurs;

Yours: listening to the customer and the daily needs which can provide the right input to improve our projects and create new ones.

These are the premises that led us to set up this new company, which will have three main goals:

Produce and customize machines suitable to every single need.

Build a grading machine that can work extremely delicate horticultural products.

Minimize post-sales costs.

By researching and using cutting-edge technologies, we assemble our machines to obtain a reliable product.


Discover the Softlight Gamma:

Grading machines for ultra delicate products CLICK HERE
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